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uPVC Sash Vertical Slider Windows

Not only do these replacement sash windows look exactly like their traditional timber predecessors, they are also significantly more energy-efficient and much simpler to maintain.

The wide range of our sash windows offers great enhancements for modern homes, but is particularly sympathetic to period style properties where it is essential to maintain a traditional architectural facade.

Heritage Needn’t Mean Compromise

Replacing your old windows with new sash windows you will instantly find that the added insulation of the double glazing technology contributes to a reduction in your energy bills. This is because the UPVC sash window fits perfectly in its frame which means no drafts or gaps.

You no longer need to worry about problematic weights and cords or any of the drawbacks typically associated with traditional sliding sash windows such as swelling, rattling, squeaking or continual repainting and our energy efficient glass will help you keep your bills down and help the environment. The Vertical Sliding Windows can also be tilted inwards to offer easy cleaning.

Using JC Windows to fit your replacement sash windows means you can choose to have them in any tone to suit your home.

Available in white, VEKA coloured foils including the new grey, plus Golden Oak on Caramel, Rosewood on dark brown or either of the woodgrains on white.

At JC Windows we also offer the reversible sash window where the entire sash of this double glazed window can be turned back on itself to allow cleaning of the outer side with no intrusion of moving parts on your home’s interior – perfect for upper levels of multi-storey buildings – it can also simply open in a conventional top hung fashion. This variation of the sash window is gaining popularity across all areas of the UK.